Writing & Creativity

Are you ready to write effortlessly, naturally and spontaneously?
Are you ready to move past your blocks and distractions?
Are you ready to start and finish your book, script or other writing project?

Let Mark David help you free your stories onto the page and out into the world more easily than you could ever have imagined, with...

  • Inspiration, tools and techniques to keep the words flowing and propel your book, screenplay or other writing project to completion

  • Ongoing support to keep you impassioned, motivated and committed until your project is done

  • Insightful feedback that will help turn your manuscript or screenplay into the masterpiece it was meant to be

  • Practical coaching/consulting on the publishing process – whether you're seeking a traditional agent/publisher or doing it yourself

Become the author or screenwriter you were meant to be: You'll never feel the same about writing again!

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Personal Growth & Development

Are you ready to bust through the barriers to your success?
Are you ready to rediscover your innate gifts and awaken to your  hidden talents?
Are you ready to experience more magic...miracles...abundance...flow?
Are you ready to say YES to life?

Let Mark David help you overcome your personal and professional challenges, restore your self-confidence and reanimate your dreams, with...

  • Practical tools and techniques to help you set goals and propel you toward your deepest heart's desire

  • Ongoing support to keep you impassioned, motivated and committed

  • Insightful counsel and feedback on your process and journey

Give yourself the gift of you: Live the life you were meant to live! 

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"I owe so much to Mark David! He helped me believe in myself enough to write the book and do the public speaking that got two wrongful murder convictions overturned."
– Estelle Blackburn, award-winning author of Broken Lives

A wondrous, life-changing experience!
– Shirley Michener, Vancouver, BC

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