The award-winning author of more than a dozen books whose readers span the globe, Mark David Gerson electrifies groups and individuals around the world with his inspiring stories and motivational talks, seminars and workshops

Mark David’s books include critically acclaimed titles for writers, including Birthing Your Book, The Voice of the Muse and Organic Screenwriting; award-winning fiction, including The Sara Stories and the Q'ntana Trilogy of fantasy novels; and such compelling memoirs as Acts of Surrender and Dialogues with the Divine. His screenplay adaptations of the Q'ntana books are on their way to theaters as a trio of epic feature films.

Have you thought about writing a book but don’t know how to start? Mark David Gerson can help you make that thought a reality. I know. He did it for me!
– Karen Helene Walker, author of The Wishing Steps

Known as The Birthing Your Book Guru, Mark David works with an international roster of clients to help them get their stories onto the page and into the world with ease. Having overcome his own writing challenges, he is uniquely qualified to fire up novices and seasoned professionals in any genre to unleash the power of their creative potential and get their books (or other writing projects) done.

Passionate, inspiring, insightful and intuitive, Mark David Gerson is popular with readers and book clubs and is a highly sought-after speaker, media guest, coach and editorial consultant .

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"Mark David Gerson is the Michael Jordan of creativity and empowerment!"
– Christopher "Selomon" Closson, Director of Project Bring Me to Life