Inspired Guidance

Let the centuries-old wisdom of the tarot answer your life questions and guide you forward on your life's journey...with a Fool-ish twist. 

The twist? The Fool card lies at the heart of all Mark David's tarot work with you. With the Fool as the foundation, Mark David adds one, two, three or more cards to his readings and intuitive counseling sessions to help shape, illuminate and clarify the Fool's message for you. 

Why focus on the Fool? As the "zero" card of the tarot, the Fool symbolizes the circle of life...the infinite cycle of beginnings, endings and new beginnings that marks all journeys. It is also the ultimate archetype for authentic living, embodying in a single card the fullest expression of our passion, our purpose, our soul's yearning and our heart's desire. 

Choose from among the following options, each offering the inspired guidance that will propel you into clarity and right action, whatever your issues or concerns. All sessions except for the first are available via telephone or Skype/FaceTime. 

  • The Fool +1 "Email Edition": Mark David's reply via email to a single question. Click here now to get your question answered!

  • The Fool +2 (15 min)

  • The Fool +3 (30 min)

  • The Fool +4 (45 min

  • The Fool + More (60 min). Incorporates an optional Heaven on Earth Ascension Activation

Walk the Way of the Fool: Live the life you were meant to live! Click below to book your session.

Intuition Training

Coming Soon: Use the tarot to awaken and deepen your innate intuitive skills!

The Way of the Creative Fool

Coming Soon: Use the tarot to enhance your creative expression as the artist or storyteller you are!

The 2-Minute Daily Fool

Coming Soon to YouTube, Facebook and this website: Start your day with the Fool's free daily message!

The Way of the Fool Live

Coming Soon: Way of the Fool webinars featuring Fool-Plus readings, Heaven on Earth Asenscion Activations...and more!

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Even though I gave him no specifics, Mark David was able to intuit my situation and offer tremendous insight and inspiration. I highly recommend this gifted reader.
– Blaine Johnson, Camas, WA

You’ve helped me validate my intuition and make me feel that I have something to offer to the world.
– Carole MacInnes, University Professor, Nova Scotia, Canada

Thank you for walking in your truth and creating a sacred space where I found more of my own.
– Brenda Welch, Haiku, HI

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