"Leaves you turning every single page, hungry for more!" 

– David Michael, author of The United Series

An epic, time-twisting fantasy series spanning three generations and hundreds of years, as one nightmare villain pursues eternal dominion over a brutalized land and its people.

Book I – The MoonQuest
In a land where fear rules and storytelling spells death, only one bard's imagination can end the tyranny. Turning his back on king and family, a reluctant Toshar must embark on a perilous, uncharted journey to restore hope to a savaged land and light to its darkened moon. 

Book II – The StarQuest
Travel back in time to the Q'ntana before The MoonQuest. Here, despite the yoke of a ruthless brutality, a legend will not die...of the Heart of the Star and of the Fair One who will rekindle it to return peace to the land. 

Book III – The SunQuest
Two men, a single destiny: Ben, grandson of Q'ntana's greatest Elderbard, and Bo'Ra K'n, whose despotism has ruled Q'ntana for generations. Whose vision will triumph? The gripping and startling conclusion to The Q'ntana Trilogy.

Soon to Be a Trilogy of Epic Motion Pictures!

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