"Finally! A book for screenwriters that focuses on creativity, not rules!" 

– Luke Yankee, screenwriter,playwright and author of Just Outside the Spotlight

  • Forget everything you've read about rules
  • Forget everything you've read about structure
  • Forget everything you've read about writing for film

Go Organic....and write screenplays the natural way!

Let Organic Screenwriting show you how easy it can be to free engaging, compelling and entertaining stories onto the page – spontaneously and without struggle.

Why “organic” screenwriting? Because writing for film doesn’t have to feel like an engineered exercise in story-building. Rather, it can be a story-freeing adventure not unlike those undertaken by explorers of old: a journey of discovery and rediscovery that retains all the magic, wonder, spontaneity and awe of childhood and make-believe. 

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