"Your words may be what others read, but your life is your true message."

– Cherise Thorne, author of Knowing Spirit

Mark David Gerson makes the deeply personal profoundly universal in this compelling inner journey from fear to fearlessness. 

Who is the Divine? It is that still, small voice that is not at all small. It is the soul-fired passion that lives in your heart. It is your Wisest Self. 

"The writings that would become Dialogues with the Divine emerged from an intense yearning...not to write a book, but to face my fears and open my heart. I share them with you here, knowing that my words are your words, my fears are your fears, my strength and courage are yours, as is my wisdom. For we are all one beneath the skin of individuality. We are all one in the divine presence of love."

  • Includes a guide to launching a conversation with your Wisest Self