"Fool +1" Intuitive Reading via Email (Single Question)

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fool portrait orientation-4.jpg

"Fool +1" Intuitive Reading via Email (Single Question)


Let Mark David call on the centuries-old wisdom of the tarot to help you get the answers you seek and guide you forward on your life's journey!

  • Do you have a pressing issue or concern that needs resolution?

  • Is there an inspired answer you seek to a critical question in your life?

  • Are you looking for confirmation of a decision you are about to make? Validation of a choice you have already made?

Mark David Gerson’s are no ordinary readings and intuitive counseling sessions. Rather, they come with a Fool-ish and uniquely effective twist: He pairs the uncommon sense of the Fool with whichever card he pulls for you to provide a depth and focus not always possible with traditional intuitive readings.

Ask your single question during the checkout process and Mark David will email you your answer within 48 hours.

More than one question? No problem. Either select the relevant quantity when checking out or scroll down for a list of relevant sessions. Click on the “Book Now” button for more information on each offering.

Walk the Way of the Fool: Live the life you were meant to live!

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Looking for a more in-depth reading/session with Mark David?

Work with Mark David live via Skype or FaceTime. Book one of these sessions today!

  • The Fool +1 (15-min intuitive reading) 
  • The Fool +2 (30-min intuitive reading/counseling session)
  • The Fool +3 (45-min intuitive reading/counseling session) 
  • The Fool + More (60-min intuitive reading/counseling session; incorporates an optional Heaven on Earth Ascension Activation) 
  • Transformational Coaching (single session or ongoing)
  • Breakthrough Writing/Creativity Coaching (single session or ongoing)
  • Heaven on Earth Ascension Activation